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nahc4 Image Boards

/b/ – *Random* Animated GIF Photography Requests Tech: sfw Advice Music/Tv/Game Weapons Paint Cars Wallpapers /b/Random: SFW /b/lackup RAAAAAAGE Picture Only Politics Random Image Info Threads Lyrics media VideoTube: Spam

Frame Removal

Thinking of removing frames in the next week. Thoughts? It seems to be the popular thing to do in 2012.

New Server – Cstrike GO

Coming online in about a month..  undergoing hardening, testing etc… There will be a nahc4 counter strike global offensive dedicated server once the game is made available.  Until then, gungame it is.

New Server Coming Soon(ish)

nahc4 will soon be running off a shiny new intel 3.2ghz quad-core with 16GB of memory and a solid state disk drive, nom! Probably in a month or so.. This is in preparation for Counterstrike GO as there will be a dedicated server for counterstrike global offensive on that on the server as well, and […]

nahc4 tfc server

Do people still play TFC? Didnt think so.. had extra resources available on the nahc4 server… come and play! “Derpsons TFC” is the server name.. if you filter to only 2fort or 2fortsniper it should come up.

New Software

nahc4 is now running Anonsaba, an edited version of Kusaba with some cool new features. A lot of backend features for modded, but also front end such as multiple image posting, posting via URL and more to come. These features will be enabled soon.

Posting disabled

Attempting a board software changeover, things didnt go as smooth as planned.. posting disabled until issue is resolved.

nahc4 updates

Site should be a little snappier now.. ping times cut in 1/3 too (depending on where you live). In other news, the captcha is gone off /b/ for now.. unless it gets spammed, then the database will be rolled back like it never happened and the captcha will be back.

nahc4 upgrades

Doubled the server CPU and Memory, hopefully fewer internal server errors to come?? Bandwidth usage has doubled in the last month too.

nahc4 Random Image Generator

There are now over 400 pictures in the random image generator for maximum lolz. DO IT.

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