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I'm sick and tired of every place I go having people expect tips from me. Just do your damn job and deal with it, why should I bribe you for good service? If you don't think you're getting paid enough-then find another job.

Here's a list of all the occupations that I've run across that ask for tips and why they don't deserve it:

Waiters: you don't even cook the food, you just bring it to me. if anyone deserves the tip, it's the cook.
Garbagemen: all you do is drive in a big truck that automatically picks up my trashcan and empties its contents. fuck you, you're worse than a waiter.
Hair stylists: wow, you just run an automatic trimmer through my hair for five minutes while trying to make awkward conversation with me. no way.
Plumbers: ya my toliet backed up and you unclogged it for $200, don't expect extra, asshole.
Cashiers and coffeeshops, fast food places, etc. all you did was punch in my order into a computer, i bet you feel real proud putting the graphic design major to use?
The mail carrier: you have a cushy government job putting enevelopes in the appropriate box. get fucked.
Taxi drivers: you don't speak english and you drive like the speed limit is golf and you want to get the lowest score. get the fuck out of my country.

I'm sure I'm missing some, but fuck you people whose occupation makes you expect a tip. Either find a better paying job or have your boss increase your pay so I don't have to see you look at me, then the tip jar, then back at me, then back at the tip jar again, then make a snide comment under your breath after i walk away.
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I know that feel, broham
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I heard an older woman saying this shit. You know what? I've got a counter arguement.

Fuckin' deal with it broski. It ain't gonna change.

TL;DR OP is a Faggot.

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