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I'm sick of people trying to define Anonymous, sick of hearing about new operations that will garner no support, produce no lulz, and, more importantly, produce no results aside from a couple of retweets on twitter and a self congratulary slap on the back from those that retweeted it. What the very fuck is going on?

We are citizens of the Internet.

I was raised on DOS and IRC, on ASCII art and Back Orifice, Sub Seven and MSN Messenger, WINMX, Soulseek and Napster. We trolled IRC chats, Geocities guestbooks and sent viruses to pedophiles over MSN. We sent people to Goatse and Rotten.com. Google did not exist. I had a modem which you had to lift the reciever of the phone. I watched War Games, Hackers, Lawnmower Man and lapped up the coming technology. We played Lemmings and Doom and Zelda and owned a NES. We knew more about computers and the online world than our parents and teachers and used that to our advantage. And with the birth of the Chan culture, I realised there were MANY more like me, who liked to cause electronic chaos. And our name was Anonymous.
There were raids, and trolling and we enjoyed ourselves in our own digital playground. the Internet was ours and the newbies were clueless and ours to produce lulz from. They were the lolcows and we were the farmers, doing anything to produce humour at others expense, regardless of how stupid or infantile it may seem. As long as there were laughs to be had, we could team up and produce them. they were the good old days of the Internet, and keeping with the Internet culture that had always been there from the first moment I had heard the sweet tones of a modem signal. If you didnt understand the culture, then you deserved to be raided. This is perhaps the reason for the rule "LURK MOAR".

Project Chanology changed everything. Anonymous was suddenly unleashed on the real world. A concious stream of idiocy and retardation that had decided to force itself upon Scientology. Mainly because we collectively thought Tom Cruise was a fucking douche. Scientolgy had struck out at YouTube and similar video hosting sites, which, at the time, were communities in a similar veign to the Chans and Forums we called our homes. And so, with an attack on our homes, we fought back, and it was lulzy and created much butthurt from the scientologists, which in turn created more lulz for us.
With the overwhelming success of Chanology and the public furore it created, we were suddenly inundated with newfags. At first it wasn't so bad, as the newfriends were mainly baffled by the cries of "I HERD YOU LIEK MUDKIPS" and the excessive use of the term "faggot". However as we moved into other areas, and Anons began wielding their new found power for other reasons, more and more newfags flocked to "join" Anonymous. Wikileaks launched not long afterwards and with it brought an avalanche of butthurt from the American government. Anonymous appreciated that wikileaks was in fact an epic troll and, as part of our online world, an ally. Amazon and Paypal were guests in our domain where all information and media is free. they tried to troll wikileaks and we responded by striking out against them. Suddenly, the whole world knew the name of Anonymous, and in turn, Anonymous found that not even the biggest companies in the world could escape our wrath should we wish to attack them. Anonymous grew cocksure and arrogant and the influx in newfags swelled.

The "Arab Spring" operations were less lulzy, creating little to no butthurt from which to reap our lulz from. However, we were defending our Internet and helping Anons in these countries access their porn and warez with the help of Telecomix. This is where the moralfaggotry REALLY began. Anonymous was helping them access the Internet. We were defending their right to access the hivemind and say whatever they wanted, regardless of what it was they wanted to say. They did not ask for our help, we provided it because we thought their cause was just. We were not taking a political stance, we were defending the right to FREE information for all. And again the media leapt to sensationalise us. And still the newfags came, ignoring the basic rules of the internet and the cries of LURK MOAR rang out like 9001 modems screaming in the night.

The birth of lulzsec saw an increase in lulz and butthurt. Partly political but with the lulz that we had been missing, the 50 days of lulzsec caused outrage and butthurt like never before and Anonymous grew exponetially in number, with Topiary providing the humour we had lacked with the Arab Ops. The Sun newspaper, HBGary, and many more felt the wrath of Anonymous and the media tried to fathom why Anonymous had become this Internet hate machine. the truth was, of course, that we had always been a hate machine. they just hadn't understood. And neither did the newfags that had heard about Anonymous through the media.
With the death of Lulzsec, the moralfaggotry was rife and spread to the point where newfags outnumbered us, and Anonymous became a scattered mess of retardation. "Ops" were created on a daily basis and achieved little or no support and provided little or no lulz. We looked weak and pathetic and Anonymous became Your Personal Army. And so, here we stand today, with faggotry everywhere and Newfags claiming that "Anonymous has grown up" and "we have a duty to save the world". BULLSHIT.

And so, I say to those who believe we should be feeding the homeless, legalizing cannabis, or helping Alex Jones stop the march of the Annunaki, please, FUCK YOURSELVES. You do not undertsand the culture from which Anonymous was born, and you are doing more damage than good to our title as The Final Boss of The Internet. We are a hate machine that spills bile and destruction towards those that threaten our home and our culture. We thrive on laughter and butthurt and we do not care about your pathetic causes. If you want to be a politically motivated force for good, then Anonymous is NOT for you. We do not like you, we do not support you and we are NOT your personal army. We are not hackers, we are not activists, we are not terrorists. We are the citizens of the true Internet, we are people of spite and we just want to see what happens when we watch the world burn.
End the faggotry NAO. If you have a legitimate target that will produce lulz and butthurt in epic proportions, then we may support your op. If no lulz are to be had, if no butthurt can be reaped then your op is invalid and you can take it elsewhere.

WE are Anonymous. We are the Internet Hate Machine. We are the final boss of the internet. We are united by all and divided by zero. We liek mudkips.
Expect us.
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>> No. 125
Just randomly came onto this board when browsing and saw your thread/post/whatever.
Anonymous has fallen to shit because of the popularity and the openness. There are no secrets. Feds are on their IRC. Heck the Anti-Sec movement was police controlled. As more and more faggots on the internet want to be "kool kids" it just gets worse and worse.
I find TOR network to be a bit consoling as there are far less idiot but yet Cheerilee does exist, but that's another story.
What I think us actual hackers, trolls and lulz-fags should do is move to something like i2p which is too confusing for idiots to access and then go and troll Anonymous into oblivion and start a different movement with what was the original intention of Anonymous: lulz and hax0ring. I'm currently working on an IRC bot, just to get better at programming but I plan on gathering infos of all the idiots on AnonOps and such and then crashing the server with a new technique that I am yet to test (procrastination!).
TL;DR : Need to move anything worthwhile to something that keeps out faggots like i2p and start afresh.
>> No. 126
File 135801018637.jpg - (27.47KB , 407x384 , 46109_585656268130497_1867056244_n.jpg )
Ive been browsing 4chan and posting since 2005, it used to be full of original and funny content. Now browsing /b/ Ill go 20 minutes before I find something funny worth saving.. my /b/ folder has barely grown this year.
>> No. 127
File 13585829143.jpg - (215.58KB , 700x700 , 83334a88f4f80e5df6949b93b973c72d.jpg )
man this is depressing ..... i agree with you man but its time to just move on the fun we had back then is long over and looking at the present we wont ever see that same kind of fun again.

be happy you were a part of it then and go live your life.
>> No. 153
Is that Kei and Yuri from The Dirty Pair in OPs pic i see?
>> No. 160
It began on the /b/-day, when they killed the brewing raid mentality 4chan and broke down /b/ into various piece. Those who retained the raid mentality could not grow in size. It ended on Chanology, when we got replaced by wanna be hacktivists.

Now 4chan is an anonymous facebook and the rest of the *chan communities are dying a slow death.

Just like that ronery fatass at Yotsuba Society said, *chan culture is on the verge of death.
>> No. 161
Yeah, while I agree with the OP, the dilution of Anon was as inevitable as the popularization of the internet itself. Remember in the days of geocities and angelfire and all that shit that most people online were smart enough/too scared to attention whore all over the net? There were repurcussions for that shit back then, now it's not only encouraged, but one of the biggest sites on the web is dedicated to it, with mothers, grandparents, and nubs who know nothing about our culture, pasting their ugly faces all over it. It's the same with forums and other parts of the net.

Back then, even non-Anon had a bit of Anon in them without even knowing it. There were unwritten rules, and even though drama existed, most people followed them and weren't boring faggots.

And that's the jist of it. It's like the childish vapid bullshit of the TV-watching world back then are all on the internet now. Even back in the nerdnet days, you were almost guaranteed that whoever you were talking to had something to say or something in common with you and that were pretty intelligent.

I don't know, man. I found it easier to make friends online back then (some of whom I still know). People used MSN if they wanted to talk and have a laugh all night. Now, no-one uses it. And if they do use something like it (Skype, Facebook), they're doing a million different things online and IRL.

That's another thing. Online life was SEPARATE from offline life, and it was better that way. Now every single fucker is a namefag almost everywhere.

I DON'T WANNA KNOW WHO YOU FUCKING ARE. Where's the anonymity, where what a person had to say was more important? Nowdays, if you wanna remain anonymous, you're the weirdo. That's what the net was for, you fucking idiots.

I hate this shit, really. I read on the news today that "Anonymous is going to release the names of some alleged Canadian rapists". Old Anon wouldn't give a cunt about that shit. Anon is dead to me now, for the most part.
>> No. 162

One more thing. I think you're right about the Feds monitoring/infiltrating this shit now. I think it started right around Chanology when Scientologists started visiting the boards to understand their perceived enemy (useless, because there was no enemy).

And now? I think the Feds have agents on chanboards trying to instigate stupid ideas/promote shitty agendas. The media/government can also control public opinion of Anonymous by making an idiotic thread on 4's /b/, releasing fake videos of their own agents wearing masks. And suddenly everything thinks that's "Anon's opinion".

Anon doesn't even have an opinion. That's what retards don't even get. The concept of Anon eludes 98% of people I see talking about it online today.

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