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So there's this girl that I've known for years. When we first met she found me and I really wanted to get with her. We ended up making out but nothing else ever happened due to our busy schedules and me wanting to shop around.

We saw each other once or twice a year since then. Fast forward a few years. We text a lot (like every day), and I still think she's cute. Sometimes I ask her to play on cam or take dirty pictures. Sometimes she makes me work for it, but not always, and not very hard.

Lately she's been getting frustrated that I'm not trying to see her more often. Like, we've hung out three times in the past 6 months. No sex, no kissing. Just video games and dinner.

I think she might be in love with me. She's been giving me ultimatums and trying to get me to admit feelings for her.

I have a hard time getting attached to people because of trust issues and I don't know if I want to settle. I make a lot of money and travel frequently so there are many opportunities to meet someone else, you know, someone hotter. I don't know if she thinks I am leading her on, honestly, I don't think I am trying to. But I still message her everyday and flirt with her (but I am a flirt in general).

I can't bare to tell her to stop talking to me, though.
Is there something wrong with me or is she just crazy?
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we want dirty pictures man
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The chances of finding a hot chick that is cooler than her and doesn't make you miserable are pretty damn slim dude. Go for it. Or at least have sex w/ her before writing her off.
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Has she sent you any dirty pictures.If she has,than she is NUTS,and you really don't want a long term relationship.But you might want to try & fuck her just for fun.Send her a pic of a stiff cock,and say it is yours,and that she made it stiff.Then see what happens.

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