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So, I am sexually attracted to my half-cousin. We have a pretty good relationship (we are fairly open with each other, we have a lot of fun together, we frequently joke about sex, etc.), and I think about having sex with her at every family function I see her at. Now, I am not interested in having a romantic relationship with her, but a part of me wants to have a "Cousins with benefits" kinda thing. I am 22 and she is 18.

Basically, I'm just wondering if at some point I should tell her that I find her attractive. This obviously carries significant risk, since if she does not reciprocate, and the family finds out, things could get immensely awkward and uncomfortable (not to mention, I probably won't be aloud to hang out with her again - which would suck, because I genuinely enjoy her company).

Do you think it's a good idea to bring this up at some point? I say "some point" because she currently has a boyfriend, and so I feel like she would be unreceptive at this point in time. What are your guys' opinions on this? Have any of you had similar experiences or acted on the impulse to confess attraction to a cousin?
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I have cousins.What are 1/2 cousins.Are they cut lengthwise,head to toe.Or severed at the waist.Since no one ever visits this sight,i really don't expect an answer!


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