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120 No. 120
I am 29yo and recently(1month ago) met a single mother in a bar and have been dating her since then.Her daughter is a teen and they live in a small apartment.My girl friend says that her family are nudists and often walk around their apartment nude.She asked me if i would mind if they were nude when i visited.I know most of you would say--- Are you nuts,say yes you fool.The problem is i find her daughter HOT,and might find it HARD not to get Hard,if you know what i mean.
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>> No. 121
File 134602960973.jpg - (153.76KB , 685x386 , 1341548450729.jpg )
take blood pressure medications, ED is a side effect.
>> No. 123
Thanks 121 but i'm not into medication.
>> No. 124
File 134611538048.jpg - (42.98KB , 382x600 , 9lfklb.jpg )
I went back to mu friends last night for dinner.I told her that i was willing to have them be nude when i was there.She said that meant that i would have to be nude too.I told her that i might spring an erection in front of her daughter.She told me she hoped i had an erection because of her daughter.Well we all got nakid and i did get an erection,and we all had a wonderful time.
>> No. 125
File 134641590848.jpg - (54.43KB , 540x720 , 553421_389763884412202_2131398767_n.jpg )
Problem solved eh? Should just be honest in the first place.
>> No. 126
You are right my friend.You seem to be the only one visiting here.I appreciate your comment.
>> No. 127
Now when i sleep over the three of us sleep in the same bed and both ladies enjoy my company.I am looking forward to Sept 21st when her daughter has her next birthday,and becomes a woman.
>> No. 129
/r/ pic of daughter and mom
>> No. 130
Don't understand what you want?
>> No. 131
I want to see a picture of the two ladies
>> No. 132
And i don't want to spoil a good thing by posting their real pictures over the internet.
>> No. 139
It's almost the 21st.Have you fucked her yet?
>> No. 143
Checking in.We had an 18th birthday party at supper tonight,and for her birthday present i have just finished fucking her, while her mother looked on.She has a wonderful pussy.So soft & wet.
>> No. 147
File 135042070943.jpg - (63.20KB , 411x530 , 0511635575.jpg )
Real mother & daughter.
>> No. 159
File 13639705992.jpg - (54.92KB , 500x667 , 13520383981.jpg )
Came across this post,and thought i would tell you my story.about me & my older sister.First of all she is really hot.This is her.
>> No. 160
File 136397081513.jpg - (99.78KB , 960x640 , 133999137421.jpg )
And she knows she is hot.She is a good sister and has always looked out for me.We loves to be photographed and we have lots of family pics that i am sure you will like.
>> No. 161
File 136397839597.jpg - (36.16KB , 222x412 , 133250474128.jpg )
Here i am with my sister & my dad.
>> No. 162
File 136397849862.jpg - (36.48KB , 600x452 , 733982_488479011207355_1358349174_n.jpg )
where is the story?>
>> No. 163
It was just before this that my sister got her own room.Until then we slept in bunk beds.I think my parents felt she was getting too developed and i might see too much of her.
>> No. 164
File 136397881951.jpg - (105.97KB , 960x639 , 135276237798.jpg )
Here are some summer pics of us together.
>> No. 165
File 136397903046.jpg - (204.10KB , 960x960 , 135259164472.jpg )
In this pic,i am 12 & she is 15.At this age i knew what tits were,and i knew hers were big.So did all my friends.
>> No. 166
File 136397918715.jpg - (73.79KB , 960x639 , 135411978456.jpg )
She wa always fun to be around.
>> No. 167
File 136397931618.jpg - (61.09KB , 960x639 , 133247901378.jpg )
Here we are being sexy with some friends.
>> No. 168
File 136397984892.jpg - (71.01KB , 665x499 , 136135951746.jpg )
Here we are getting ready for a sports day.She painted my chest,but wouldn't let me paint hers.
>> No. 169
File 136397986990.jpg - (90.94KB , 960x720 , 135237448332.jpg )
>> No. 170
File 136397989789.jpg - (72.60KB , 543x409 , 135237448488.jpg )
>> No. 171
File 13640705239.jpg - (48.86KB , 537x720 , 133892600038.jpg )
Here she is posing with some of my friends,and me.I'm the one in front with my hand on her tits.She slapped my face,but it was worth it.

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