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What should I do with my life?

I have a bachelor of arts in English lit. ( haha useless I know but it's too late to go study science and I probably would have made a shitty engineer anyway.) My boyfriend of over a year is in a similar boat (philosophy.) We live together in a small city with a not so great employment rate and both have part time jobs paying barely enough to get by, and not going to get by at all once the student loans payments kick in.

We keep talking about leaving town to move to a big city and find better jobs but in all honesty this only ends up in us applying for a few here and there online... very occasionally. It's almost like we take turns being depressed and unmotivated and the other cheering on then the next hour switch it up. So I guess in some ways we are keeping each other going and in some ways holding each other back.

It's hard to figure out what to do with your own life and seems even harder when you have to coordinate with someone as clueless as yourself :(

proposed ideas for change include:

>>start taking st. john's wort to lift depression and increase motivation
>>move to Toronto
>>move to Calgary
>>become an interior designer or florist

seem really random and like I'm grasping at straws? that's because I fucking am.

TL;DR stuck in a rut (but at least not alone in it?) any advice on how to get out of rut and do something productive with life?
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Keep being depressed, because if you can't be an engineer then there is no job opportunity for you in the future.

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